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Ms.Jayshree. S.S
Assistant Manager, Nutrition & Dietetics
Dr.Mohan's Diabetes Specialities Center

            Among the sea foods, fish is the most nutritious. There are different types of fish. Though they differ according to the sources, all fish have many health benefits and medicinal properties.

         In previous times, fish has been widely used to improve the blood circulation and remove the toxins from the body. Essential fatty acids are the main reasons to make fish a special nutrient rich food.

         Essential fatty acids are necessary to prevent skin infections like psoriasis. They are essential to improve the immune function. Fish is generally potassium rich, which help in reducing blood pressure and other cardiac disorders.  Fish contains ample amounts of vitamin D, calcium and phosphorus, which are the basic micro-nutrients required for formation and strengthening of bones.

             Fish is a well known galactogogue which improves the breast milk secretion. Certain varieties of fish contain iron that prevents anemia. All types of fish contain high biological value proteins which are easily assimilable to build muscles. Small fish are very low in calories. It is helpful for those who want to reduce weight. Magnesium content in fish prevents muscle cramps. Selenium content gives fish the antioxidant properties.  

              Selection of a healthy fish is very important. Consuming contaminated fish causes many health problems. While buying fish, look for the eyes. Eyes must be bright and bulgy. Body should be firm. Gills must be bright red in colour. Intestines must be removed before refrigerating. Otherwise intestinal germs can affect health. Use of cod liver oil prevents vitamin E deficiency. Fish fry, cutlet, biriyani and a few other recipes can be enjoyed throughout the week.



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