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Before I venture to relate my experience, it is but proper for me to briefly write about my eye problem. It is by pure coincidence that I came to realize that I had vision problem since I had no symptoms whatsoever. I started wearing spectacles since the early 1970s. even my diabetes came to be known only accidentally during early 1989. I have been Dr mohan’s patient since then. Due to my strict diet regimen, proper exercise and regular medicines, my diabetes is under control, thanks to Almighty. I have also been going through annual eye checkups along with my diabetes check up.

During Oct/November 2010, during my annual checkup at Dr Mohans Diabetes Specialities Centre, I was advised that it was better to undergo surgery of both eyes as cataract had developed. With the support and direct monitoring of Dr Mohan, an appointment was fixed with Dr Sivakumar, Eye Surgeon and Consultant Ophthalmologist, DMDSC to whom I was appraised of my health problems besides diabetes. He informed me that my left eye had cylindrival power besides having high spherical power.

While my right eye surgery could done using usual intraocular lens, Dr Sivakumar suggested that the left eye needs to be done with “Toric lens” which could be made to order incorporating suitable cylindrical values, thereby enabling me to use spectacles with lesser weight and lesser spherical power after the operation for the near vision. For this, details scans and investigations were done. While the right eye was operated on 9/12/2010, for the left eye I had to wait for the “made to order” toric lens which was arranged by Dr Sivakumar and this operation was successfully done under the able and suave surgeon Dr Sivakumar on 4/7/2011. After this operation there was remarkable improvement in my vision and I am fully satisfied.

Even before the glasses were prescribed, I could see that my vision had improved considerably. Dr Sivakumar had told me before the operation that once the Toric lens was fixed, I would see phenomenal improvement in my vision, which has been proved right. But for Dr Sivakumar’s excellent and deft handling of the operation and the personal care and attention that he had bestowed on me, I wonder what would have been my position. I am obliged to Dr Sivakumar and to Dr Mohan who closely and personally monitored the operation and my post operative care and follow-up despite his numerous preoccupations and busy schedule. I have been troubling both of them a quite frequently and they were always ready to extend their care to me.

I wish to place on record the excellent care and attention being given by the entire team of staff at DMDSC at the operation theatre, the in-patient wards and the ophthalmology doctors, the support staff such as optometrists, nurses, assistants and particularly Mrs. Valli and her team. I will be failing in my duty if I do not make a mention about the personal care that was extended to me by the late Dr Rema Mohan. I do miss this doctor who was a compassionate human being besides an excellent doctor. She was the embodiment of care, compassion and excellent consideration for the health care/ treatment to the patients. In fact, the Indira Eye Institute and a host of her patients like me, miss her very clearly.

Once again I wish to offer a big “thank you” to Dr Mohan and Dr Sivakumar and the whole team at Dr  Mohans Diabetes Spcecialities Centre. This centre is thus not only a world class one for diabetes care but also for Eye Care !

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