Monday, September 26, 2011

Diabetes Fest 2011: Inter School & Inter College Cultural Competition

As India prepares to assume its rightful position as one of the leading nations of the world, a major threat is emerging silently that might derail much of the progress we have made over the past few decades. Increasing levels of urbanization and higher levels of income have led to an unprecedented increase in the prevalence of the so called "lifestyle diseases", among which diabetes is a major player. If not detected and treated in time, diabetes can lead to major complications including blindness, kidney failure, heart attack, stroke and limb amputation. It is estimated that India has 51 million people living with diabetes as of 2010, and this number is projected to rise to 87 million by the year 2030. It is even more alarming that people are now getting diabetes in their twenties and thirties; this means that many of them will spend the prime of their productive lives grappling with the disease and its complications.

Is there any way we can prevent our youth from falling prey to diabetes? The answer is resounding "YES". The seeds of diabetes are sown in childhood and adolescence. Unhealthy lifestyle choices made during childhood predispose individuals to the development of diabetes later in life. Conversely, healthy habits inculcated in childhood will remain with the individual throughout his or her life and stand him or her in good stead in preventing diabetes. Our youth need to be provided with the right sort of information so that they can be motivated to make healthy lifestyle choices early in life.

For the last two decades, Dr.Mohan's Group of Diabetes Institutions has been at the forefront of the fight against diabetes in India. Our work has thrown light on the magnitude of the problem of diabetes in India and has also helped in increasing public awareness about the disease. To mark the 20th anniversary of our Institutions, we are organizing the first ever "Diabetes Fest" in India from August 2011 onwards. The fest is open to school and college students and consists of exciting events such as painting, fancy dress, dance and quiz, the details of which are given overleaf. The Diabetes Fest 2011 aims at promoting the message of "Diabetes Prevention" through the adoption of healthy diet and lifestyle choices.


  1. could u pls upload the diabetes fest 2011 prize distribution function video held at CTC.

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